Heugh's Canyon

Mount Olympus
Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah

Accessing the trailhead was a bit tricky, most of the area surrounding Heugh's Canyon is on private property.The logical entrance to Heugh's Canyon is now trespassing. You have to drive all the way around to the north (or to the left if you are looking at the trespassing sign). The entrance road is 6145 Bergalhde. You must park at the beginning of this road, with the other peasants, you aren't rich enough to actually park on it.

The trail is a well-worn path that climbs very slowly for most of the way.
Heugh's Canyon is filled with virgin rock climbing, It doesn't seem like they want it developed though.Towards the end, the terrain gets more and more rugged, until it becomes nearly impassable.

April 25 2001

The entrance to Heugh's Canyon

Hill off to the south east.

Jagged exposed quartzite.

A fairly large cave along the way, the bottom is a 6 inch deep pool of water.

After the trail steepens, you will come across this waterfall.

Hobb's Knob, The 2nd peak after Olympus

Many unrouted multi-pitched climbing routes.

Pug, after not exercising for most of the winter.

Heugh's Canyon


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