Highway 12

Red Canyon
Tantlus Flats
Boulder, Utah
Henry Mountains

This road is considered one of the most scenic roads in America.
If you want a free place to camp while visiting Bryce Canyon,
try Tom Best Springs, located about 2 miles west of Bryce Canyon

July 16, 2000

Red Canyon -west of Bryce Canyon National Park.

Red Canyon

North of Torrey

Tantalus Flats and Lower Browns Reservoir
The Henry Mountains are almost always visible in southern Utah.
On the left is is Mount Ellen 11,522' and Mt. Pennel 11,371'

Mount Ellen the highest point on the Henry mountains.

Anasazi ruins in the town of Boulder, Utah

Ancestors of the Pueblo Indians

Ceremonial hut

See pictures of Escalante and Hell's Backbone from along Highway 12


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