Highway 12 and Highway 24

Southern Utah

Monday, July 7, 2008

From near Gunnison looking toward Marys Nipple 10,984

Sunset Peak and White Pine Peak

Large hills near Salina

I'm not sure if this has a name or not...

Near the town of Aurora.

From near the town of Sigurd.

Cedar Mountain Area

From Highway 24 looking southeast over Plateau Valley toward Boobe Hole Mountain.

Koosharem Reservoir
Behind is Boobe Hole Mountain.

Looking east into the town of Bicknell, near Loa and Lyman.
In the background is Red Canyon and the Ant Hill.

From near the town of Bicknell Looking east down Red Canyon.

Near the town of Torrey, Utah.

More Torrey Mesas

Interesting rock outcrop near Torrey.

Torrey Utah Main Street. Highway 24.

Torrey Cattlefarm

Leaving Torrey...

Born to be wild.

The Henry Mountains and Tantalus Flats.

Tantalus Flats

Looking toward Capitol Reef.

Browns Reservoir.

Larb Hollow Overlook
The Henry Mountains sit in the distance.

Capitol Reef.

From Larb Hollow looking at Tantalus Flat and the Henry Mountains.

Capitol Reef

Balancing Rock.
Mushroom Hoodoos near Boulder, Utah.

Calf Creek from Highway 12

From Highway 12 looking down into Calf Creek.

From Highway 12 looking east.

Highway 12



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