Highway 12

One of the most beautiful scenic byways in America. Unfortunately, we didn't make it far up this spectacular road before the sunset.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Aproaching the eastern end of Highway 12
Looking northeast toward The Sevier Plateau.
Mount Dutton 11,041, Cottonwood Peak, Adams Head 10,421 (highest point),
Crow Peak 9,775 and Hancock Peak.

Looking northeast over the Sevier River toward the Sevier Plateau
Mud Spring Ridge is visible as is Red Canyon along the entrance to Highway 12

The Sevier Plateau

Near the eastern end of Highway 12 you first come to Red Canyon.
The snow seems to make the sandstone colors even more vivid.

Red Canyon hoodoo spires from along Highway 12.

Sitting on the southern tip of the Aquarius Mesa is Powell Point 10,188
This is where John Wesley Powell surveyed the area below to the south.
Looking northeast from the town of Tropic.

Along Highway 12 near Henrieville,
you'll find these interesting Navajo sandstone hoodoos.

From Highway 12 looking northeast from near Henrieville.

Sanstone Walls along the south side of Highway 12 from near Henrieville.

From near the Powell Point Overlook looking north toward the South Rim.

From near the Powell Point Overlook looking northwest toward Powell Point 10,188.

From the Powell Point Overlook looking west as the sun takes the rest of the night off.

From Powell Point Overlook looking west toward Powell Point in the cold winter dusk.


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