Highway 24

Southern Utah

We started on Highway 24 from Highway 12 going northward.
Highway 24 first crosses through Capitol Reef National Park.
Capitol Reef is a free park that seldom gets seen because of the popularity of nearby parks. Pocketed sandstone walls follow after Capitol Reef . Soon after, you get to Cainville, which has an impressive mesa, that I didn't get any pictures of. We stopped three times along the way, one at a fossil quarry, another at an ancient riverbed, and the third at a seldom visited mesa near Goblin Valley.

Monday, October 22, 2001

Our first stop along Highway 24.
This hillside was covered in cephalopod fossils.
Almost every "rock" you see is a fossilized sea-snail.

This sediment layer had some interesting layers.
One was completely transparent like thin glass.

This is a common sight along this highway.

Our second stop along Highway 24.
This mesa is covered in ancient riverbed rocks.
Miles of polished rocks of every color.

Atop the mesa looking northwest.

Atop the same mesa looking south toward the Henry Mountains.

The same mesa, looking northwest.
A blocky layer of strata crumbles in the foreground.

More homogenized sandstone.

Looking northwest toward Temple Mountain from Highway 24.

Looking northwest toward Goblin Valley from Highway 24.

Special thanks to Denyse


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