Hogum Divide - Pfeifferhorn

Maybird Gulch
Hogum Fork
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Salt Lake City, Utah

We went from the Red Pine Trail and took a right turn at the bridge 2.5 miles up. The trail goes up and around a ridge to the west, and then enters a granite boulderland. The granite here is high quality and can be heard falling off of the Pheifferhorn in the midday sun from the Maybird Lakes.

I summited the Pfiefferhorn almost exactly 2 years ago, and was strangely brought back to the same area on almost the exact same day.

4 - 4.5 miles one way
This hike took about 9 hours both ways, but we spent at least 1.5 - 2 hours sitting.

Saturday, September 14, 2002

The Pfeifferhorn from south of the Maybird Lakes

Looking back north toward the two Maybird Lakes and the entire Cottonwood Ridge.
Twin Peaks, Sunrise, Dromedary, 3 or so Unameds, Monte Cirsto and Superior Peak.

Looking west up the boulder talus to the Hogum Divide that we needed to climb up.
The finger-like peices of granite are actually slightly over hung.

These are huge slabs of high quality granite.

The Alpine Ridge and the mighty Pfeifferhorn.
Look at the waves in the boulderfield.
These are caused by repeated avalanches over millions of years.

This mass of granite was incredibly large, this is a picture of almost 180 degrees.
The Pfeifferhorn and the Hornypfieff (My name for it) along Alpine Ridge.

Looking west toward the Hornypfeiff and Thunder Mountain
Below is Hogum Fork.
Notice how the boulders resemble sand at this scale.

Looking north down the Hogum Divide
Thunder Mountain is on the left.
Twin Peaks is visible on the right.

Hogum Fork is the boulder field below, Hogum Divide is the ridge in the center,
Cottonwood Ridge is the Ridge in the background on the right and
Maybird Gulch is the tree covered canyon below on the right.

Looking south down the Hogum Divide up to the Pfeifferhorn.
There is a pass that connects Maybird Gulch and Hogum Fork to the south.
Climbing this ridge up to the Pfeifferhorn is not advisable because of the constant falling rock.

A telephoto of the Pfeifferhorn Peak. Can you see the people on top? Don't Lie.

Even more zoomed in, now can you see them?

We found this rock on the way back.
The X is about a foot long and was naturally formed.

See some views from the top of the Hogum Divide:
Hogum Divide Views

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