Jupiter Hill

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah
Park City, Utah
Big Cottonwood Canyon

Jupiter Hill : 9,998'

Wasatch Mountain State Park

Guardsmans Pass Peak is probably the easiest peak to hike (That is over 9,500 feet tall) in the Central Wasatch. You can easily climb up to Jupiter Hill from Guardsmans Pass Peak.

To get there:
Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon until you almost reach Brighton Ski Resort. You will see a road that turns sharply to the left with a sign on the right that says Guardsmans Pass Road. This Road is closed all winter. Turn up this road, it switchbacks up the Wasatch Crest until it reaches an open overlook with views of Park City, Midway and Heber. There are usually lots of people parked at the overlook, most of them are just going to stay in their cars, the rest will probably be heading up 10,420 Peak and Clayton Peak. To climb up Guardsmans Pass, go north or left up the steep hill. In the summer this area is covered with Red Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers.

At the top of the hill, you will encounter a weather relay post, there is a ski lift to the left or northwest of the peak. To continue to Jupiter Hill, continue to your right down the clear jeep trail. Jupiter Hill is about 45 minutes down the road.

It would be a excellent place to watch the sunrise.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bumble Bee on some Wildflowers

Red Blue Checkered Beetle

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers

Looking east toward Jupiter Hill

Lady Bugs

Looking north over some Wildflowers and down into Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Looking west toward Scott Hill and an unnamed lake (Thaynes Lake?).

A closer view of Scott Hill.
I call this Mickey Mouse Hill because of the Mickey Mouse shaped mine tailings
visible from Brighton Ski Resort.

The lake below Guardsmans Pass Peak.

Looking east toward Bald Mountain 9,346' in Park City.

The Mountain Patrol Station on top of Jupiter Hill.
Below is Wasatch Mountain State Park.
In the distance is Heber City and Highway 40 going down Daniels Canyon.

Looking east toward Bald Eagle Mountain 8,495' and the Jordanelle Reservoir.
In the background is Highway 248 to Kamas.

Construction in Park City

Milkweed Wildflowers


Looking south toward Lake Brimhall

Strange Helicopter... I'm not sure, but I think it's for fighting wildfires.

Looking west toward Guardsmans Pass Peak



Honey bee and Wildflowers

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers


Ant on Wildflowers

Daisy with it's current tenant.

Looking across Big Cottonwood Canyon toward the Honeycomb Cliffs,
Twin Lakes and Twin Lakes Pass (With the power poles).

Mount Tuscarora with Lake Mary Below.
Behind is American Fork Twin Peaks.

Looking west down Big Cottonwood Canyon.
Mount Olympus, Wildcat Ridge, Hobbs Knob, Mount Raymond, and Gobblers Knob.

Looking southwest toward the Cottonwood Ridge.
Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, Dromedary Peak and Twin Peaks.
In the foreground are the Honeycomb Cliffs.

A view of the whole Brighton Area and the Granite Lakes Route.
Mount Wolverine is the highest looking summit from this view.
You can see some of the Albion Basin Peaks (Little Cottonwood Canyon)
in the background on the left.
Devils Castle, Sugarloaf, American Fork Twin Peaks.

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