Kennecott Copper Mine

Bingham Canyon Mine
Oquirrh Mountains
Butterfield Canyon
Magna, Utah

There are only two man-made structures visible from space, The Great Wall of China, and The Kennecott Copper Mine.
And I'm not so sure about the Great Wall.
Three fourths of a mile deep and two and a half miles wide, it is the largest man made hole on the planet.
6 Billion tons of rock have been cleared since 1906. Besides copper, the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine produces gold, silver and molybdenum (a hardener for steel).

Sadly, hiking around this area is far from beautiful.
Locals abuse the area greatly, beer bottles and garbage are everywhere, with roads and trails over everything, nothing is left preserved.

We got to watch the cast of Jerry Springer, who blanket the area in the hope of blowing away anything that moves.
There was probably 10 hill-billies to every deer.
Cooter (one of the local hill-billies) warned us that rednecks can't tell the difference between a dog and a deer in broad daylight.
Who gives out hunting permits?

Sunday, October 28, 2001

There used to be a mountain and a city called Copperton, in what is now a giant chasm.
It could be considered one of the great wonders of the world:
Nearly 100 years in the making, you could fit all the other giant wonders inside it.

Zooming up on the 6190 truck shop.
This is the shop where the haul trucks are repaired and is at an elevation of 6190.
(Thanks to Marc Schaerer for this info)

Looking south to Lowe Peak 10,589'

Looking southwest

To the west are the Stansbury Mountains,
with Deseret Peak being the tallest - 11,031 ft.

Thunder Mountain and Lone Peak along the Wasatch.

Mount Olympus, Wildcat Ridge, and Mount Raymond.

Mount Timpanogos

Twin Peaks (one peak visible), Sunrise Peak (looks like Twin)
and Superior Peak in the distance.

Cascade Mountain

Just the good ol' boys


Special thanks to Denyse, Jared, Lorin and Quinton


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