Kessler Peak

Kessler Peak : 10,403'
Extra special thanks to Jeff, Eric, Rolf, and Asher for helping me out.

To get to the Kessler Peak North Route Trailhead:

After you park at the Donut Falls parking area, continue hiking down the dirt road past the gate, which curves north and then south at the entrance.
As you hike along the road watch for an obvious road that splits from the Donut Falls trail to the right, continue up this road and watch for a trail that goes straight up the hill to the right, this is the Kessler Peak North Route Trailhead, hopefully you'll find it, We didn't.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

Looking South to the Reed and Benson Ridge,
from here you can see the Brighton area and the Snowbird area.

Looking south to American Fork Twin Peaks, the tallest point in
Salt Lake County.
You can also see Hidden Peak tram on the left.

Hidden Peak, American Fork Twin Peaks, Superior Peak and Monte Cristo,

Looking south east you can see Devils Castle, the dark peak
in the distance.
Sugarloaf and in front of the Sugarloaf, Flagstaff Peak

Looking far northeast you can see the Uintas.

Hiking down Kessler Peak.

Jared going down the North Route.

Jared on Kessler Peak watching mountain goats.

Looking north west to Mount Olympus.

Looking north to Mount Raymond 10,241'

Looking north to Gobbler's Knob 10,246'

Looking west to Sunrise Peak and Twin Peaks 11,330'

Dromedary Peak - 11,107', Sunrise Peak 11,275', and Unnamed 10,910'.

Barnacle fossils atop Kessler Peak.

An abandoned mine near the top of the North Route.

Hermit Hideaway along the Kessler Peak North Route.
It was probably used as a storage station for the mine up the trail.

Jumping Spider

Buckeye Caterpillar
when it becomes a butterfly,
it will have six eye shaped
dots on it's wings

Blue Grouse
A.K.A. Mountain Chicken

Special Thanks to Jared, Denyse, and Roujia


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