Kings Peak Moose

Uinta Mountains

We saw 9 moose all together. The other 6 were on the way back from the peak, I was too tired to pull my camera out, and you know how moose feel about the paparazzi.

Sunday, August 31, 2003 - Monday September 1, 2003

A massive Bull Moose, this thing could send you flying into next year.

Another big boy. It's a good thing it wasn't closer to mating season,
it might have decided that we were competition and sent an antler up our backside.

This smaller male had already begun losing the velvet skin off it's antlers.
They grow new antlers every year, every year they get bigger.
The moose's antlers are the fastest growing bone of any animal.
They use these antlers for one reason, to fight for the right to mate.

Thanks to Gloria and Jared


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