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Kings Peak Summit Views

Views from the top of Kings Peak 13,528'

Uinta Mountains, Northeastern Utah

The sky was mostly overcast and only opened for a few minutes at a time. But the visibility was still very good, if you strained, you could see most of the Wasatch Mountains to the west.

Monday September 1, 2003

Mount Emmons

Looking south toward big Mount Emmons
Lake Atwood is visible on the far left.

Garfield Basin

Looking west over Yellowstone Creek and Garfield Basin.
Cleveland Peak and Squaw Peak are visible in the background.
The Lake in the middle left is called Five Point Lake and has a Guard Station by it.

Wilson Peak

From Front to Back:
Superior Lake
Wilson Peak
Spread Eagle Peak, Yard Peak, Lovenia, The Cathedral, Lamotte Peak and Wasatch Peak.

Explorer Peak

Explorer Peak with the Wasatch Mountains in the far distance.

Squaw Peak

Squaw Peak with Mount Timpanogos in the far distance on the left.

Yard Peak

Spread Eagle Peak, Ostler Peak, Lovenia Peak and East Lovenia Peak.

Wilson Peak

Foreground: Wilson Peak
3rd Row: Red Knob
4rth Row: The Cathedral
5th Row: Lamotte Peak

Wasatch Peak

Wasatch Peak and Northwest Wasatch

Tokewanna Peak

Tokewanna Peak 13,165'

Mount Nebo

And if you strain your eyes in the right direction (SSW),
you can see the tallest mountain in the Wasatch range.
In the far distance on the left is Mount Nebo, on the right is Santaquin Mountain.

Red Castle Peak

Looking west toward Red Castle Peak
In the far distance is the Wasatch Mountains: Willard Peak and the Wellsvilles.

Uinta Mountains

Distance: Lamotte Peak, Red Knob, Wasatch Peak, Northern Wasatch Peak, Tokewanna Peak
Foreground: Wilson Peak, Squaw Peak, Red Castle.

Uinta Mountain Range

The eastern reaches of the Uinta Mountain Range,
almost none of these peaks are named.

From the summit of Kings Peak looking Northeast over West Gunsight Peak,
Gunsight Peak and Gilbert Peak 13,442', the 3nd hightest peak in Utah.

Gilbert Peak

Gunsight Peak with Gilbert Peak in the background.

Painter Basin

Looking east from the summit of Kings Peak over Painter Basin.

South Kings Peak

Looking south toward South Kings Peak 13,512' the 2nd Highest Peak in Utah.

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