Zion National Park
Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon can be found along I-15 a few dozen miles north of Saint George.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kolob Canyon Peaks.
Horse Ranch Mountain 8,726 Paria Point 7,817, Beatty Point 7,520
Nagunt Mesa 7,785, Timber Top Mountain 8,055

Looking east toward Kolob Canyon, part of Zion National Park.
Paria Point, Beatty Point, and Nagunt Mesa.

Paria Point

Nagunt Mesa

Beatty Point 7,520, Nagunt Mesa 7,785, North Timber Top and
Timber Top Mountain 8,055

From inside Kolob Canyon looking east to Horse Ranch Mountain and
a sandstone butte below Paria Point 7,817

Sandstone Walls below Horse Ranch Mountain.

Horse Ranch Mountain

Nagunt Mesa

Paria Point

Timber Top Mountain 8,055 and Shuntavi Butte 6,995

Northern pinnacles of Timber Top Mountain

This point should have it's own name,
but I think it is just part of Timber Top Mountain.

Shuntavi Butte 6,995

Horse Ranch Mountain

The timbery, mountain top of Timber Top Mountain

Beatty Point 7,520

Nagunt Mesa

Beatty Point

Looking south toward Red Butte 7,412 and the southern end of Zion National Park.

This part of Timber Top Mountain's timbery top, doesn't have much timber on top.
There are, or were many types of useful trees on the top of Kolob Plateau.

Some timber on top of Timber Top Mountain

Shuntavi Butte 6,995 on the end of Timber Top Mountain.

Timber Top Mountain, Shuntavi Butte, and Red Butte in the distance.

Nagunt Mesa and the northern part of Timber Top Mesa on the right.

Horse Ranch Mountain, Paria Point and Beatty Point.

Horse Ranch Mountain

More pictures of Kolob Canyon in February


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