The Egg Climbing Routes

Little Cottonwood Canyon

The white granite rock found in LCC is a big contrast from the shale and quartzite found in BCC.
The granite in LCC was actually under the quartzite, in the strata hierarchy,
but was upheaved from the continental plates crushing into each other.

Notes: climbing up under Contact Buttress wasn't that fun,
thick bushwhacking and spiderweb bearding prevailed.
There is also a bit of poison oak hurdling.

April 27, 2000

LCC entrance viewed from the northwest, notice the long finger-like ridges.
The closest ridge is quartzite, like BCC. The rest are all granite, the furthest is Perla's Ridge.

THE COFFIN - a climber in white on a 5.10a "The Viewing".

The Coffin, and The Sail

The Sail 5.7 -5.11a

The Hand of God
Goat Gully, Alpenbock Ridge, Allens Ridge, Superslab.

Contact Buttress

Below Contact Buttress

Looking almost straight up.

LDS Vaults

Superslab 5.4

Climbing routes on The Egg ( 5.7 - 5.10a )

The Egg Climbing Wall



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