La Sal Views


La Sal Peak Elevations

Grand View Peak 10,895'
Horse Mountain 11,130'
Mount Waas 12,391'
Green Mountain 12,163'
Mount Vegan 11,469'
Pilot Mountain 12,200'
Dry Fork Peak 11,849'
Manns Peak 12,273'
Mill Creek Peak ?
Mount Tomasaki 12,230'
Haystack Mountain 11,643'
Mount Mellenthin 12,646'
Laurel Peak ?
Mount Peale 12,721'
Mount Tukuhnikivatz 12,489'
South Mountain 11,817'

Various pictures of the La Sal Mountains taken from the roads around the range. If you have any information about the La Sal Mountains, that isn't provided here, please leave a message at the bottom of the page.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

The entire La Sal Mountain Range.
These mountains were made by lava trying to break through the surface to form a volcano.
They never broke through, but instead, hardened. After millions of years of uplift,
the dirt above erroded, exposing two or three huge domes.
Time has basically melted the domes into many peaks.
First Group (Left): Grandview, Horse, Waas, Manns, Tomasaki, and Haystack.
Second Group (Middle): Mellenthin, Peale and Tukunikivatz.
Third Group (Right): South Mountain.

Mellenthin, Laurel (sub-peak), Peale and Tukunikivatz.
The three highest peaks in the La Sals.
All three are above 12,000 ft.

Grandview, Horse, Waas, Manns, and Tomasaki in the far background.
At least 3 are above 12,000 ft.

Looking northeast from highway 191 south of Moab.
Tukunikivatz, Peale, and South Mountain.

A closer view of West Tuk, Tukunikivatz and Peale from the southwest

Looking northwest to Tukunikivatz from La Sal Pass road.
The sub-peak in the middle is how I would begin the climb to this peak.

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