Lake Blanche

Sundial Peak

Alpine Animals

Saturday July 22 -23, 2000

Pika, a small rodent indigenous only to alpine regions.

Pika makeing its sheep-like mateing call.


These pikas are hard to photograph without a zoom lens.

They live in rock piles.


These primitive plants grow right out of the rock.

This pesky squirrel wouldn't stay out of our packs.

Every time I got up to scare him away,
he would just leap up on this tree and wait.

Every color of wildflower can be found near the Sundial.

Thistle flower

More Thistle flowers

This is a different species of squirrel, much more "zippy".

Belding ground squirrel

Marmota Erectus

This one was the least afraid.

"Get out of my yard".

They make a shrill high-pitch vibrato squeak

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