Sundial Peak - Lake Blanche
Winter Hike

Located in:
Mill B South Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon,
Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

Trail length:
3 miles, 2-3 hour hike up / 1.5 hour hike down

Notes: After the bridge the trail splits into right and left,
make sure to follow it left.

Monday, March 19, 2001

Dromedary Peak and Sunrise Peak

Natural snow rolls almost to Sundial Peak.

The first view of Sundial Peak along the Mill B Trail.

Almost to Sundial Peak

Sundial Cirque

Sundial Cirque and Sundial Peak

Sundial Peak in front of Lake Blanche

Sundial Peak from the north

Sundial Peak from the west

Dromedary Peak

Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak and the east Twin Peak

Quartzite Strata on Mount Olympus' Wild Cat Ridge.

Mount Olympus

The corner of The Millstone - rock climbing wall down Mill B

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