Lake Blanche | Sundial Peak

Lake Florence and Lake Lillian

Located in:
Mill B South Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon,
Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Trail length:
3 miles, 2-3 hour hike up / 1.5 hour hike down

Notes: After the bridge the trail splits into right and left,
make sure to follow it left.
In the summer,
bring about a half gallon more water than you think you'll need.
The best time to hike Mill B in the summer,
is from sunup to about 9:00 am or from about 7:30 pm to sundown.
Bring a camera,
there is tons of red glacier carved rock around the three adjacent lakes.

Monday, Tuesday - August 26 -27, 2002

The last few feet before entering the glacier carved bowl
that houses Lake Blanche, Florence and Lillian.

Looking north over Lake Blanche.
On the left is the remnants of an old dam that didn't work.

Dromedary Peak from along the trail.

Looking west toward Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak and Unnamed.
In the foreground are giant quartzite cliffs polished by tons of glacier ice.

Bruno, Junior and Leo in front of Lake Blanche.

Near Lake Lillian there are quite a few ancient trees that are snapped off around 10 feet high.
Apparently, they were buried with ice and snow up to the break off point,
then an avalanche came through and broke off their tops.

Looking south from Lake Blanche at Monte Cristo.

Sundial Peak at sunset.

Near Lake Lillian looking at the top of a dried up waterfall.
In the background is Wildcat Ridge.

Glacier carved quartzite in front of Wildcat Ridge.
We were sitting near the peak just right of center a little over a week ago
taking pictures of where I am standing right now.
Thaynes Peak is on the right.

Looking north down Mill B Fork toward Wildcat Ridge.
Thaynes Peak is visible on the right.
Mount Olympus is visible as the tiny dark peak on the far left.

A colorful butterfly that followed us along the trail.

Sunset over the glacier carved rock.

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Thanks to Gloria, Junior, Bruno, Leo and Alethea


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