Lake Mary Moose

Brighton Ski Resort
The head of Big Cottonwood Canyon
Salt Lake City, Utah

So far, every time I've been to the Brighton Granite Lakes area I've seen a moose. This time I also saw a mother and her offspring on the way up Big Cottonwood Canyon road.

If you ever stumble upon one of these massive creatures, and it sees you, don't look around quickly or do anything quick or jerky. They try to avoid humans but will attack if they feel threatened. Keep your eyes on their eyes and slowly walk backwards.

Once I scared a moose off the trail at night by holding up two flash lights (so it appeared to be a pair of eyes) and growling as low and loud as I could. I wouldn't recommend this, because if you make the moose feel threatened AND he feels like he could beat you, He will kick you into next Thursday.

Also if you get VERY close to one, don't turn your back on him, you will be stomped into marmot pellets.

The best way to avoid a moose or any creature is to make consistent noise while approaching. I personally think that having a good stick or cane is the most effective, because it sounds like a large animal slowly approaching, which usually can be heard and felt by almost any creature including rattlesnakes.

Tuesday July 9, 2002

These are excerpts from a little video I shot.
These moose were walking down Big Cottonwood Road.
I wonder where they're going?

Female moose don't grow horns

Everyone has a moose story this year.
There are so many that survived this winter.

Video of these moose running up Big Cottonwood Canyon

This was a large male, grazing on the west side of Lake Mary.
One of the only four-legged creatures in America that stands over 6 feet tall.
Male moose grow a new pair of antlers every year.
The sole function is to scare away and defend against other males.
Thus enabling it to reproduce with any females in the area.

The Lake Mary Dam

Peak 10,420 and Clayton Peak

Fabiana and Junior

Fabiana sitting below Pioneer Peak and Sunset Peak

Junior below Sunset Peak, in front of Lake Mary.

Sunset Peak at the peak of sunset.

Sunset Peak

Thanks to Junior and Fabiana


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