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Little Black Mountain

Little Black Mountain Peak: 8,040'
3,100' Elevation Gain

The interesting thing about this mountain is that almost the entire hike is along a ridge with hills that slither up and down, left and right, you can see the valley for most of the hike, and that for the entire hike the peak seems like the end isn't far away... but it is.

To reach the peak, you'll need to hike about 4.5 miles both ways,
it took us about 7 hours.

This trail starts at the end of Perry's Hollow. You can go up to the Avenues Twin Peaks, or just go around them to save energy. To go up, you'll just have to cross up off the ORV tracks toward the obvious peak. To save some energy just follow the ORV tracks until you get to the top.
There is a little short-cut as you near the base of the peak, follow the graded trail that goes up, on the left of the hill.

Little Black Mountain Red Butte 2 Avenues Twin Peaks Big Beacon - Cicadas Emigration Ridge Ensign Peak Lookout Point 2 Lookout Point Red Butte 1

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Avenues Twin Peaks

The south peak of the Avenues Twin Peaks.

Big Beacon

Looking east toward Big Beacon with it's airplane tower and cell-phone reflectors.
The one faceing says "Black Samba".

Broads Fork Twin Peaks

Looking southeast, over Triangle Peak on Olympus Ridge, toward the (Broads Fork)
Twin Peaks Massif. Sunrise Peak is on the left.

Lone Peak

Looking south toward Lone Peak.

Mount Olympus

The seemingly vertical face of Mount Olympus.
Behind on the right is North and South Thunder Mountains.

Little Black Mountain

The deceptive trail to Little Black Mountain (on the right).
It looks short, but it isn't.
In the distance, in the middle is Grandview Peak.

Little Black Mountain

When you finally get here, you'll look up and know in your heart,
that at long last, this is the end.
Sorry, it's not the end. There is still a good mile left to the peak. Keep Hiking.

Francis Peak

From the summit of Little Black Mountain looking north over Francis Peak.

Pilot Peak in Nevada

Looking west toward Pilot Peak in Nevada.
This peak helped escort the Donner Party to their doom.

Willard, Ben Lomond, and Chilly Peak

Looking north toward Willard Mountain (Inspiration Point), Willard Peak , and Ben Lomond.

Lewiston, Flat Top Mountain,

Looking south toward Lewiston, Flat Top Mountain,
and Lowe Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains.

Ben Lomond, and Francis Peak

Looking north toward Ben Lomond 9,712', Francis Peak 9547' and Bountiful Peak 9259'.

Antelope Island, and Stansbury Island

From near the summit, looking west over The Great Salt Lake,
Antelope Island, and Stansbury Island.

Stansbury Island

Stansbury Island

From near to far: Antelope Island, The Great Salt Lake, Stansbury Island,
The Lakeside Mountains, Grassy Mountains, The Silver Island Mountains, and Pilot Peak in Nevada.

Looking south over the Wasatch Front.
The Salt Lake Valley lies on the right.
The dark cliff in the middle-right is Red Butte.
From here you can also see Olympus, Twin Peaks and Lone peak.

Clouds curling over like blanket for the sleeping sun.

We both sunk up to our armpits along this ridge.

The Great Salt Lake

Molten sky swirling above a placid sea.

The Salt Lake Valley, with part of the Oquirrh Mountains behind.

This ridge was a never-ending obstical course of humiliation and dispair,
besides that it was a blast.

Thanks to Gloria

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