Little Cottonwood Canyon

Text by Denise Tessin

A glimpse of the road life.
Looking down Little Cottonwood Canyon highway into the valley.

Red Pine Lake
a radiant view of Broad's Fork Twin Peaks.

These bunny/mouse animals called Pikas spend all summer building their nests for the winter.
Pika's live above 10,000 feet only. A great place to spy one in Little Cottonwood is up White Pine.

At the very top of Little Cottonwood, called Albion Basin, is a scenic hike called
Catherine's Pass which converges into 5 other canyons. From here you can see
Lake Catherine, Lake Martha, and Lake Mary as viewed from Sunset Peak.

All types of vivid wild flowers can be seen in Albion Basin.

Looking down at the one of the two resorts in Little Cottonwood Canyon from atop Monte Cristo.
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort is one of the most frequently visited resorts along the Wasatch Front.

Westwind Buttress, The Thumb, Plumline, and Waterfront all excellent climbing walls
located on the North side of Little Cottonwood Canyon about 1.25 miles up from the neon sign.

Pentapitch, another popular wall located up Coalpit Gulch on the south side of the
canyon about 1.85 miles up the canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

American Fork Twin Peaks the highest peak in Salt Lake County towers at 11,489'
located in Gad Valley at Snowbird Ski Resort.

American Fork Twin Peaks, White Baldy, and The Pfiefferhorn from atop Flagstaff Peak.
All are part of the Wasatch Range.


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