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Little Willow Canyon - Lone Peak

Views of the Wasatch Mountains and the Oquirrh Mountains from Little Willow Canyon.

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Sunday January 5, 2004

Little Willow Canyon

Looking up Little Willow Canyon toward the granite willow formation.

The willow formation that separates Little Willow from Big Willow.
The highest point visible is actually the rocks on the right,
which are just above the meadow after Draper Ridge.
I took some pictures from the other side, on the way up to Lone Peak.

Rocky Mouth, Big Willow, Little Willow

This Picture is from the page Wasatch Plane Ride - Lone Peak
Taken earlier this year, during autumn.

A view from a plane of the Willow canyons on Lone Peak.
The willow formation is in the middle right of the picture.
Big Willow Cirque is visible in the top middle.
Lone Peak Cirque is just right and above it.
The Question Mark Wall is clearly visible below and to the right of the summit wall.
Below and to the right of the Question Mark Wall,
are the rocks mentioned in the blurb above.

The Guardian wall

The Guardian climbing wall (Granite slab on the left)
The low point in the frost covered trees is the trail to Big Willow Cirque.

Heughs Canyon

Looking north to Heughs Canyon in Mount Olympus.
The route to Mount Olympus summit is semi-visible, this is a sideview of it.
It follows the diagonal line (with the trees) towards the top right.

Mount Olympus Summit

Mount Olympus Summit 9,026'. You can see the route from the saddle to the summit.
It's the chute to the left of the summit,
then turns right, then up, then up the spine to the summit.

The Hounds Tooth

The Hounds Tooth
Behind is Hobbs Knob on Wildcat Ridge, on the same ridge as Olympus.

The Hound's Tooth

A Telephoto of The Hounds Tooth.

Deaf Smith Canyons

The ridge between the two Deaf Smith Canyons that go up to Twin Peaks.

Looking west toward the Oquirrh Mountains.
Barney's Peak 8,242'

West Mountain 9,068'

West Mountain 9,068' and Clipper Peak 9,207' above the Kennecott Copper Mine.
Or maybe this is Markham Peak 8,702' and Freeman Peak 8,627'.

The Oquirrh Mountains

The Oquirrh Mountains
Lowe Peak 10,589', Tooele Peak 10,386', and Butterfield Peaks 9,370'.

Lewiston Peak

From 1-15 near Provo, looking west toward Lewiston Peak 10411' (smaller peak on the far left),
Flat Top Mountain 10,620' (Tallest in the Oquirrh Mountains) and Lowe Peak 10,589'
This picture is from the page Wasatch Mountains - Oquirrh Mountains

Flat Top Mountain 10,620'

Flat Top Mountain 10,620' the tallest of the Oquirrh Mountains

Flat Top Mountain

From Emigration Ridge, looking west toward Flat Top Mountain 10,620'
This picture is from the page Wasatch Mountains - Oquirrh Mountains

Thanks to Gloria

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