Lone Peak

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Lone Peak Summit 11,253'
From Alpine, Utah
A.K.A. Hamongog Trail

Could be the most difficult hike in the Wasatch.
at least the route we took.
We went straight north after the 2nd Meadow,
Then hiked all the way around into the cirque,
from there we continued north around the Flying Buttress and approached from north side of Lone.
6000 feet of elevation gain. It took us 6.5 hours to reach the summit.
The two meadows are beautiful, we saw a family of deer in the first one.
All things have a price, the view from Lone Peak was pretty expensive.
The summit is one of the most costly views in the Wasatch.

MAP of Lone Peak from Alpine

Saturday, October 7, 2000

Lone Peak (on the left), in the far distance you can see
Santaquinn and Mount Nebo.

Denyse and Jared walking through the second Hamongog,
not knowing the torture that awaits them.

On exiting this meadow,
there is a prominent campground on the left side of the trail.
Soon after, look right (North)
You need to begin trending diagonaly up the slab covered hill
west of the stream bed.

Along the steepest section of the hike,
If it was just a little steeper it would be easier,
because then you could use your hands.

We went west from the top of the steep section.
Looking southeast to Box Elder Peak.

Coming around the bend into the cirque.

The west face of the Hyperform Wall.

The west end of the Hyperform Wall.

Lone Peak, The South Summit, and the Question Mark Wall.

The Flying Buttress (in the center) and Lone Peak.

The Flying Buttress, Lone Peak and South Summit.

The Flying Buttress

Around the ridge in the middle is the summit.

Jared, 50 feet from the summit.

Jared on top of Lone Peak

That's me sitting on the summit crown, behind is Twin Peaks.

View of Box Elder Peak from the summit.

Big Horn Peak and Box Elder Peak.

South Summit (foreground) Box Elder Peak, and Mount Timpanogos.

Mt. Timpanogos as seen from Lone Peak.

American Fork Twin Peaks, Red Baldy,
The Pfeifferhorn and White Baldy.
You can see the shadow of Lone Peak.

Looking down from the summit

Coming down, looking back at Lone Peak.

Looking back (southeast) to Lone Peak. This picture is deceptive,
between the forground rocks and the peak, is a 400 foot drop.

The Great Salt Lake

The Question Mark Wall

From the top of Lone Peak looking at the Question Mark Wall.
You can see the diagonal 5.4 climb near the base.
It leads to the summit of the Question Mark Wall,
or around the back of South Summit you can reach Lone peak.

The Question Mark Wall, Santaquinn, Mount Nebo, and Utah Lake.

Santaquinn and Mount Nebo behind the Question Mark Wall.

Looking north toward the Hounds Tooth and Mount Olympus,
all the way to Francis Peak and Ben Lomond.

Monte Cristo and Mount Superior to the northeast.

Twin Peaks, unnamed, Sunrise and Dromedary.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

The Great Salt Lake

Antelope Island

The Oquirrh Mountains

Entering the Lone Peak Cirque boulder quarry,
Jared stepped on a rattlesnake.
Luckily for us, it was to cold for it to react quick enough to bite him.

Special Thanks to Jared and Denyse

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