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Lone Peak Hiking Directions

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Jacobs Ladder to Draper Ridge

Lone Peak is such an extreme journey, you don't want to take any wrong turns, especially in summer. There is no water this time of year, except for small patches of snow beneath the actual summit wall (and sometimes not even there), so bring about 2 gallons, I brought about 1 gallon, and as a result became very dehydrated (hallucinating on the way down, and I couldn't eat for a day after).

Here are some directions to help you find your way, however don't count on these directions alone. If you get lost or confused it's still your fault. If you aren't mature enough to accept responsibility, bring your Mommy or stay home. This hike, like any hike is only for people who have prepared, trained and studied for it. The average person will find this hike EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.

Jacobs Ladder Route
5.5 miles long
5,650' elevation gain
5-6 hours walking

Lone Peak 11,253'

Drive to the Corner Canyon Road in Draper.
After the gate go 2.6 miles, if you find yourself making a big turn around a bend to the left, you've gone too far, it is the turn off with the 3 steep jeep trails just before the bend.

Soon after beginning this trail you will come to a hill that has a road that goes north down the hill and a road that goes right (east). Take the road to the right (east)
Follow this spur ridge until it comes to a cliff edge and then continue left (north).
You should be able to see Lone Peak from most of this trail.

Now the pain begins. This is the Jacobs Ladder. In the summer it is steep, hot and very dusty. It will take you from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to reach the top of this ridge.

Once you reach the top of this ridge, the physical difficulty is over (not entirely)
If you give up here, people will laugh at you. Continue into the beautiful meadow. That's where we camped, left our packs and summited Lone Peak, then returned.

Follow the main trail east (don't accidentally take the Outlaw Cabin Trail). Carefully look for the rock cairns all the way to the Lone Peak Summit Ridge. You won't need to climb to get on this ridge, if you follow the right path.

Once on the ridge follow the trail, it will make your life much easier, Just be patient and as relaxed as possible, and you will make it to the top.

The trail eventually reaches the ridge line near the peak, now you need to be very alert and scramble over the giant granite blocks all the way up to the summit.
Gloria was a little nervous the previous night, because she has a fear of heights, but she did just fine. Just remain calm and you will too.

Little Willow - Lone Peak Red Baldy American Fork Twin Peaks Pfeifferhorn from Hogum Divide Lone Peak Views Lone Peak Summit Lone Peak Panorama Lone Peak Hike American Fork Twin Peaks American Fork Twin Peaks Views Lone Peak - Multiple Views Bells Canyon Lone Peak Summit - Alpine Pfeifferhorn Peak

Saturday-Sunday, August 17-18, 2002

Storm Window Arch

An outcrop of limestone known as Storm Window Arch -
As seen from the beginning of the trail.

Jacobs Ladder

Walking along the spur ridge which connects to Jacobs Ladder.
Above is Movie Rocks an outcrop of limestone
where part of the 1968 movie "The Devil's Brigade" was filmed.

Jacobs Ladder

From near the top of the Jacobs Ladder Trail looking south
towards the spur ridge that was shown in the previous picture.
The rock cliffs on the far left are called "Lone Rock"

Outlaw Cabin Trail

After the Draper Ridge, you will come to a meadow.
This picture shows a left turn that begins going north.
Don't take it unless you want to go to the Outlaw Cabin.
Continue going along the main trail to get to Lone Peak.

Lone Peak Cirque

Almost to the Lone Peak Cirque, you will reach this area.
The fastest way to the summit is to turn left (north) here,
and follow the rock cairns to the ridge.
This will bypass the actual cirque floor and the possible snow below the peak.

Lone Peak Ridge

From the Lone Peak Ridge looking up the last section of trail
that cuts diagonally up the this section of ridge.
The Lone Peak Summit sits in the background.

Lone Peak Hike

Pay close attention as you are approaching,
so that you don't have an epic experience on your way back.
Here is a picture looking west while going the correct way back,
study the rock structure so you don't make any mistakes.

Marmota monax

Marmota monax
AKA: Woodchuck, Groundhog, or Whistlepig

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Thanks to Gloria and Cassio

Little Willow - Lone Peak Red Baldy American Fork Twin Peaks Pfeifferhorn from Hogum Divide Lone Peak Views Lone Peak Summit Lone Peak Panorama Lone Peak Hike American Fork Twin Peaks American Fork Twin Peaks Views Lone Peak - Multiple Views Bells Canyon Lone Peak Summit - Alpine Pfeifferhorn Peak

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