Lone Peak Summit Wasatch

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Jacobs Ladder to Draper Ridge

Jacobs Ladder Route
5.5 miles long
5,650' elevation gain
5-6 hours walking one way

Lone Peak 11,253'
600 foot vertical walls
4-5 pitches rock climbing

We went up Jacob's Ladder from Corner Canyon and Lone Rock. This was a very difficult hike, mainly the Jacob's Ladder section. At the top of Draper Ridge you can see the meadow west of Lone Peak. We camped there, left our packs hiked into the cirque, north to the ridge, up the trail to the granite columns, met three other hikers, summited, met two more hikers, then returned to the trail back. It was very hot and smoggy everywhere we could see. I spilled water, so I knew I would be dehydrated, I was right. Quite an epic adventure.

Saturday-Sunday, August 17-18, 2002

On the way down, we met an older gentleman that said he was feeling his age,
I told him that I was feeling his age too.
Here's a picture of him on top of Lone Peak.

Looking east at a falcon flying around Lone Rock,
a cliff edge at the end of the spur ridge leading to Jacobs Ladder.
In the backgound is Box Elder Peak.

When I look at this picture I feel exhausted.
This is Jacobs Ladder, the hardest part of the hike.
Gloria is visible in the bottom right.
Alpine City sits below with Mount Timpanogos in the background.

Near the top of Jacobs Ladder looking east toward the Lone Peak Massif.
From here it is actually pretty easy.

Granite Spires near Lone Peak.

Coming into the meadow, there is an awesome view of the Lone Peak Cirque.

Lone Peak, and South Summit, these walls are covered with rock climbing routes.
Climbing them isn't the hard part, bringing your gear is.

Coming around a massive section of granite before entering the cirque.

This wall appears to be covered with possible climbing routes,
but they may never be explored,
because of the classic routes that exist just around the corner.

Creeping through the flowers toward Lone Peak.

Lone Peak Cirque. This would be a nice place to camp.
An excellent place to take sunset pictures.

From the ridge north of the summit, looking north.
On the left is Big Willow Cirque and on the right is Bells Canyon.
In the background is the Twin Peaks Massif.
The sky is filled with smoke from Oregon and California Wildfires.
This section is visible rom anywhere in the Valley.

4:20 Crew on top of the Lone Peak Summit.

Dythan, Joe, and Ammon performing "the ritual" to make this peak count.

Almost to the top of Lone Peak
Shatttered slabs of granite waiting their turn in line to be pushed of the cliff by erosion.
This face of Lone Peak can be seen with binoculars from anywhere in the valley.

Cassio and Gloria on some exposed scrambling 30 feet away from the summit.

Looking east from the same spot I took the previous picture -
showing the fastest way down.

From the summit looking south over the South Summit and the Question Mark Wall.
Supposedly, you can hike up and down the 45 degree ramp in front of the Question Mark Wall

Cassio and Gloria on the Lone Peak Summit Block
feeling the pride only very few people can feel.

I walked over to the west edge of the Lone Peak Summit Block
to take this dizzying shot of the boulder talus below.
I don't think anyone's commited suicide from here,
because once you get to the top, you're glad to be alive.

From the summit of Lone Peak looking east.
The Twin Peaks Massif is visible on the left.
Thunder Mountain is in the foreground in the middle.
The Pfeifferhorn and White Baldy are visible on the right.

"Making it" doesn't only require you to get to the top, but also to get back down.
Gloria and Cassio in front of Lone Peak after making it back.

From near where we camped looking at the spindly ridge of granite at dusk.

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Thanks to Gloria and Cassio


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