Marjum Canyon
Hermit Cave House

Millard County

The "Mayor of Millard County" AKA Bob Stinson lived alone in Majum Canyon for roughly 20 years. He could probably be one of the most secluded people, living in one of the most desolate areas, in our history. After returning from World War I, Bob found that his wife had remarried. Heartbroken, Bob took a trailer west. Unfortunately, Bob's trailor broke down in Marjum Canyon. Not caring, Bob just hauled a few of his belongings to a nearby cave, where he was also able to find a nearby spring. He didn't move for 20 years.

Bob worked for the Highway Maintenance, keeping the road clear after storms. Once Marjum Canyon Road was decommisioned, Bob lost his job and moved to Delta, where he was a local legend.

June 29, 2008

Looking south toward a mesa just outside of the east end of Marjum Canyon.

Entering Marjum Canyon from the east.
This was the main connecting road from Delta to Nevada until 1951, when 6-50 was built.

Limestone wind caves in Marjum Canyon.

From along Marjum Canyon, you'll see this canyon, turning right,
this is the canyon east of Hermit Canyon

Near Hermit Canyon

Looking north from near Hermit Canyon along Marjum Canyon Road.

The Hermit Cave House.
A hermit named Bob Stinson lived here from 1929 until 1951.

Inside the Hermit Cave House.

Notch Peak Map

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