Altitude Converter

Converting Feet into Meters or Meters into Feet.

Step 1 - Type in a number into the blue input box with the little arrow pulsing next to it.
Step 2 - Press the Feet > Meters button below it.

Unfortunately on this site, there are only U.S. measurements of peak altitudes. This is because the majority of maps of Utah are in the U.S. measurement system. I use this simple tool (altitude conversion) to convert these altitudes into the metric system.

You can copy and paste or manually type in an altitude (like 13,528' or 7,234') into the box (With the little orange arrow pulsing). Select Feet > Meters to convert the U.S. measurements into global (metric) measurements.

PLEASE NOTE: The input box only accepts numbers, no commas or periods (,.) can be processed. If you paste other symbols i.e.: "13,528'", it will strip it of all symbols and leave you with just "13528".

The result will appear below the buttons.

Dec 28, 2003

Special thanks to Bob Palais


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