Milcreek Canyon

Salt Lake City, Utah
by Denyse Tessin
Pictures by Dale Meier

A look at vibrant colors of the fall decorating Grandur peak
this view of the peak can be seen atop Mt. Olympus.

Churchfork Peak (nearest) is part of the inspiring
Milcreek Ridge and is located 3.2 miles up the canyon.

Mt. Aire is the closest peak seen just left of the middle.
For a quick hike with an oustanding view this is a superb choice.

Alexandar Basin is one of Milcreek Canyon's most breath taking sites!
With all types of beauty and wildlife no wonder why
the conservationists fought to protect this elegant land.

Not only can you get to Dog Lake from
Big Cottonwood Canyon but from Milcreek too.
Behind Dog Lake is Reynolds Peak an easier summit for hikers.

Looking at Grandeur Peak from Neff's Canyon.


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