Mill B North and South Forks
Big Cottonwood Canyon

We hiked up the S Curve past the Upper S Curve Wall, Past the Above and Beyond, to the top of the S Curve rock outcrop.

April 30, 2001

Jared in front of Kessler Peak 10,404 feet.

Coming down over the top of the S Curve rock outcrop.

Strange shale deposits in front of Kessler Peak.

More shale.

Sundial Cirque, at the top of Mill B South.

Along the Cottonwood Ridge you have Dromedary, and Sunrise Peak.

Twin Peaks.

The Millstone in front of Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks.

Coming down the north side of the top of the S Curve.

Mill B North Fork.

Mill B North Fork.

Looking North at Mount Raymond, 10,241 feet.

Mill B South Fork.

Special Thanks to Jared and Lorin


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