Mineral Fork

Big Cottonwood Canyon
Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

Avalanche Paths

Kessler Peak 10,402'
Gobblers Knob 10,246'
Mount Raymond 10,241'

Wasatch Mine

June 10, 2002

Mineral Fork
Notice the remains of all the trees that were mowed down over the winter.
Also, notice the plants in the foreground,
they have been drinking rust-filled water from the Wasatch Mine,
and they themselves have become rust-filled

A seemingly climable wall along the way, high upon the ridge above.

Where two avalanche paths meet.

Every tree in the way of the avalanche,
has been stripped of it's leaves and branches and combed over like hair.

Junior, before the main snowfield.

Above the snowfield looking north toward Wildcat Ridge,
and Mount Raymond.

Mount Raymond and Gobbler's Knob
The ridge in the foreground is a ridge leading up to Kessler Peak.

A close up of Gobbler's Knob

The Wasatch Mine.
I wonder why the water is so saturated with rust,
Is there rotting machinery? or is there lots of iron ore inside?
If it is rusting machinery, the UDNR should clean it up,
OR change the rules about bringing dogs into the canyon.
You can't bring dogs because they need to protect the water,
but I don't think that's why.
The only way for a dog to affect the water,
is if they aren't filtering or cleaning it before it reaches us,
and if they aren't filtering the water, then you are probably drinking deer fecies and urine.
This mine shows that they aren't really that concerned about the water.

Besides, hikers pee everywhere,
and they are more diseased than most dogs.

The Wasatch Mine from the north side of the Canyon,
looking at the beginning of the switchbacks before the Regulator Johnson Mine.

This ridge made me think that this was the Reed and Benson ridge,
but it isn't, it's the ridge behind Kessler Peak,
that connects to another ridge before connecting with Cottonwood Ridge at Superior Peak.

The Granite Ridge.

Junior walking over a log bridge on the way back down Mineral Fork.

The trail down Mineral Fork, looking north toward Wildcat Ridge.


Thanks to Junior


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