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Moab, Southern Utah

Ken's Lake
Power Dam
Left Hand

I hung out with a group of friends from Brazil which was very interesting, I had a blast. Brazilians are very soulful people that know how to have a good time. Some of the time we spoke English and some of the time we spoke Portuguese.

There were representatives from all over Brazil, Belem (north) Brasilia (middle) Rio de Janeiro (south) Sao Paulo (south) and others. We met in Salt Lake.

About a month ago, I badly sprained my right ankle so they called me Bengala (Cane). This was one of my favorite times in Moab.

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May 5-7, 2002

We stayed in the Negro Bill Campground,
along the Colorado River about 2-3 miles from Moab,
this is Negro Bill Canyon.

Sunset near our campground.


Ken's Lake in southern Moab

A close up of the ancient rock judges that oversee the inhabitants of Moab.

Carla and Glorinha by Ken's Lake.

The waterfall by Ken's Lake

The Ken's Lake Waterfall.

The La Sal Mountains from the Ken's Lake Waterfall
Mt Mellenthin, Mount Tukuhnikivatz,
and Mount Peale, the tallest of the La Sal's at 12,721'

South Mountain of the La Sal Mountains from the Ken's Lake Waterfall.


Brazilian Biking Team
Bruno, Katita, Junior (Rio de Janeiro) and Gloria (Brasilia)

Negro Bill Canyon from the Slickrock Bike Trail


Katita, an excellent drummer and dancer from Rio de Janeiro
wades through the water on our way to Power Dam.

Bruno and Katita standing above Left Hand.

Bruno from Para (Northern Brazil) climbing up after a jump from the top of Left Hand
A couple of locals at Left Hand thought that I was a Brazilian too, even though I talked to them for a while, they said "You don't look like your from around here". (Which by the looks of them, I took as a compliment).

You can reach the top of this cliff from the Slickrock Bike area.
When I was much younger, my friend Marty came running up to the edge of this cliff, and accidentally dropped his walkman off from here,
the tape inside exploded and fully unwinded into the air.

Stratafied sandstone from along the trail past Power Dam.

We stopped at a cool spot that had this cave nearby.

Leaving Moab, the clouds begin to argue.

Angry clouds forming near Green River

Looking north toward the Book Cliff Mountains

Moab 2000

Special thanks to:
Gloria, Katita, Junior, Bruno (Rio), Duda, Marcio,
Aexa, Alethea, Carla, Bruno (Pará), and Fabio

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