The massive uplift crater that created the Arches, Moab and Canyonland areas.

Looking east toward the Double Arch Area in Arches National Park.

Driving down Highway 191, you'll see lots of gargoyle figurines
watching from above the Moab Rim.

Powerdam Sandstone Walls

Blue Darner Dragonfly

Blue Darner Dragonfly

Red, Blue Darner Dragonfly


Paper Wasp

This poor tree was completely covered in Leaf Beetles

Faux Falls near Kens Lake

Faux Falls

Strange root tendrils coming off the moss.

Faux Falls

Whiptail Lizard

Whiptail Lizard

The Moab Rim

Uranium filled sandstone near the Klondike Bluffs

The Klondike Bluffs.


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