Monte Cristo
Mount Superior

Views of Monte Cristo and Mount Superior from various places all around the Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Here are some views from a hike to the summit of
Monte Cristo and Mount Superior

Reynolds Peak

Looking southwest to Superior, Monte Cristo,
Kessler, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks


Looking northeast at Superior and
Flagstaff Peak, above the Hellgate Cliffs.

Nick standing in front of Superior Peak.

Flagstaff Peak

Looking west to Superior Peak and Monte Cristo from the east.


Looking west to Cottonwood Ridge from the top of Sunset Peak.

Peaks from right to left:
Dromedary, Sunrise, Twin Peaks (east peak) unnamed,
Monte Cristo, Superior, unnamed, unnamed.

Lake Blanche

Looking south toward the Sundial Cirque.
Monte Cristo

Denyse sitting in front of Lake Blanche and Sundial Peak.

Looking south to Sundial Cirque

Lake Blanche Snow

Monte Cristo

Sundial Cirque and Sundial Peak

Kessler Peak

Looking south to
Hidden Peak, American Fork Twin Peaks, Superior Peak and Monte Cristo,

The Millstone

Sundial Cirque, Sundial Peak is the nearest face, lit up and facing the camera.

Lake Blanche is just behind the rounded, glacier-polished rocks.

Mule Hollow

The head of Mill D South Fork, Sundial Cirque and Lake Blanche.
Monte Cristo - the tallest in the Cirque at 11,132'.

Mill B North Fork

Sundial Cirque, at the top of Mill B South.

S Curve Mill B North Fork

Looking toward Lake Blanche, down Mill B south fork.

Red Pine Lake

Three upper Red Pine lakes, (in the spring there is just one)
with Superior Peak and Monte Cristo in the background.

Lower Red Pine at night.

Lone Peak

Monte Cristo and Mount Superior to the northeast.

Superior Peak
Photos by Brandon Wicks and Nick Worsley

Looking South to Mount Superior from the saddle between
Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob

Looking west at Monte Cristo from Mount Superior

White Pine Lake

Looking north at
White Pine, looking towards Mt. Superior and Monte Cristo.

Mt Superior

Pictures from a hike to the summit of

Monte Cristo and Mount Superior

Check out this interactive Flash panorama from atop Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Panorama


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