Monte Cristo
Mount Superior

Looking southeast toward Monte Cristo from Lake Blanche

Salt Lake City, Utah
Cottonwood Ridge
Wasatch Mountains
Snowbird Ski Resort

2.5 miles / 3 hours one way
2,492 feet elevation gain

Mount Superior : 11,040'
Monte Cristo : 11,132'

The air was filled with smoke from wildfires, and it was difficult to take pictures. I had hoped to get some telephoto shots of the Uintas, but you could barely see outside the Wasatch.

Looking northeast toward Monte Cristo from Lone Peak

This hike can either cure your fear of heights, or create them, it's a knife-edge walk across the precarious spine of the Cottonwood Ridge. Some people think this is the most extreme hike in the Wasatch. Not that it's hard to do, just that if you slip, pull out a loose rock, or take the wrong route, you might not be walking so good for a while.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Flagstaff Peak 10,530'
Flagstaff mine is visible in the middle of the mountain,
at the top of the orange rock scree.

Oktoberfest at Snowbird Ski Resort

Looking north down the glacier carved floor of Cardiff Canyon toward Kessler Peak on the right.

Reed and Benson Ridge Knob

Approaching Black Knob, this isn't a peak,
from the top of this, it continues up to Mount Superior

Looking southeast over he white and gray limestone Hell Gate Cliffs.
Collins Gulch is visible with the zig-zag road climbing up it.
Albion Basin sits in the distance below the peaks.
Clayton Peak and Devil's Castle are visible in the background.

Reed and Benson Ridge
Cardiff Fork, Mill D South

Goatsy McHornsworth

This mountain goat was just trying to take a nap below Superior Peak

Looking east down the knife edge toward Flagstaff Peak.

This isn't any easy trail for the faint of heart.
I think they should change the name of the peak to Darwin Peak.
There are many loose, balanced rocks waiting for you to put your weight on them.

Through the thick smoke looking north toward Mount Olympus and Wildcat Ridge in the distance.
The jagged ridge in the foreground is the connector ridge from Superior to Kessler.

Looking north down the east avalance path,
or drainage to the Lake Blanche area.
See the little lake at the end? it's unnamed and usually not found on maps.
This is between Superior Peak and Monte Cristo

Looking west up to the summit of Monte Cristo

Cottonwood Ridge, the first four of these peaks are unnamed.
At the end are Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks (Broad's Fork)
Storm Mountain is visible as the small mound on the right below Twin Peaks.

Looking north over Lake Blanche below Sundial Peak.
Mount Olympus is in the background on the right,
the rest of the ridge is Wildcat Ridge, Thaynes Peak and Mount Raymond.

Looking over the side of Mount Superior towards Albion Basin.
This is one of the better examples of some of the sediment layering
found throughout the Wasatch.
The dark redish rock is a type of shale and the lighter rock is quartzite.
Devil's Castle, The Sugarloaf and Mount Baldy sit in the background.

The last 70 feet of Monte Cristo

Looking down the bumpy backbone of the Cottonwood Ridge.

Lone Peak in the distant middle, with Thunder Mountain in the foreground.
Look at the filthy smoke, yuck.

Looking west toward Twin Peaks, the two tallest points on the Cottonwood Ridge,
at the head of Cottonwood Ridge, with Dromedary below and in front.

Sunrise Peak, A.K.A. O'Sullivans Peak, sits off to the south of Twin and Dromedary
This peak is considered one of the most difficult to climb in the Wasatch.
It requires some rock climbing skill, but I don't think you need ropes.

Looking north toward Kessler Peak, the dragon-backed mountain
that is home to God's Lawnmower and other avalanche paths in Big Cottonwood Canyon,
Millvue Peak above Millcreek Canyon sits in the background.

Lake Blanche, One of the most beautiful areas in the Wasatch.
Notice at the glacier carved quartzite.
There are two other lakes this size to the west.

Sundial Peak, which sits above Lake Blanche.

Looking south east toward Albion Basin
Devil's Castle, Sugarloaf, Mount Baldy.
The white stuff is not snow, it's limestone above Peruvian Gulch.

Mount Baldy, Hidden Peak, American Fork Twin Peaks and Red Stack Peak.

Hellgate Cliffs, looking east toward Clayton Peak up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

American Fork Twin Peaks, Red Stack Peak
The middle peak is the highest point in Salt Lake City County.

Hidden Peak Tram above Snowbird

Multiple Views of Cottonwood Ridge

Pictures from a hike to the summit in 2001
Monte Cristo and Mount Superior

Interactive Flash panorama from atop Monte Cristo taken in 2001
Monte Cristo Panorama

Monte Cristo and Mount Superior in the Winter
Monte Cristo Winter

Views of Monte Cristo from around the Wastch
Monte Cristo Views

Thanks to Lorin and Ferpa


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