Monument Valley
Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley resides in the Navajo Nation.
It is owned and operated by the Navajo Indians.
The price was $3.00 each person.
National Park passes aren't accepted.

The roads inside of the park aren't that bad.
But you should be careful not to
watch the scenery more than the road.

The wind was blowing at a constant 20+ mph
and reaching up into the 60mph in some places.
I was running around a corner, when the wind suddenly kicked up.
It almost sent me off the side.
I leaned backwards into it at about 45 degrees,
and then ran back behind the corner.

You aren't allowed to hike or rock climb,
because the area is considered sacred.
The only way you can hike or climb is if you pay them.
You aren't allowed to take pictures of the Navajo people or their houses,
unless you pay them.
You are not allowed to take commercial photographs of any kind,
unless you pay them.
You need to be out of the park by 6:30 p.m. or you will get locked in,
unless you pay them.

September 22, 2000

The Mittens as viewed from the visitors center

The Totem Pole and Yei Bi Chei

Looking North from Artist's Point

Spearhead Mesa from the west.

From Artist's Point

From the North Window

From Artists Point looking north, you can see, Big Indian (far left),
Mitten Butte (front, middle), Brigham's tomb, The King on his Throne,
Castle Butte, Bear and Rabbit, and Stagecoach.

From Highway 163 looking south at
Stagecoach, Bear and Rabbit, Castle Butte, and The King on his Throne.

The Thumb

Sun setting behind The Three Sisters

Spearhead Mesa from the south

Spearhead Mesa Beer Stein

Near the North Window.

The Thumb and Camel Mesa

The Big Chair

Looking east at a wild dog in front of the Totem Pole

The Three Sisters and The Thumb

Ruthless dust storm

Sand blasting all the smudges off my lens

Dust seen from the road to Monument Valley.

Leaving Monument Valley

From the North Window, looking south at Raingod Mesa.
The Totem Pole can be seen in the lower left.


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