Mount Aire

MillCreek Canyon
Elbow Fork
Wasatch Mountains

Salt Lake City, Utah

Mount Aire is one of the shorter hikes to get a summit view.
It is steep, and depending on when you hike it - goes from a dusty trail to a slippery mud trail. On top of Mount Aire there is a lot of sandstone, which is usually not found in the southern Wasatch.There was water in the drying stream but it soon becomes a trinkle near the pass.

Dogs are allowed in Millcreek Canyon.

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Looking south to Gobblers Knob from Mount Aire

Looking south to Alexander Basin, Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond
and in the distance Twin Peaks. Below you can sort of make out Elbow Fork.

Looking east to I-80 Parleys Canyon

A type of Katydid

Looking east toward Millvue Peak

Looking southwest to Millcreek Ridge and Mount Olympus

Looking north toward the two Mountain Dell Reservoirs, I-80
Grandview is the high point, with Lookout Peak to the right and in front.

Lookout Peak and the Upper Mountain Dell Reservoir

Looking northwest down Mount Aire Pass, you can see some houseing developments.
Emirgation Ridge with Perkins Peak being the high point.
Behind Emigration is Big Beacon and Little Black Mountain.

Mount Olympus with the Oquirrh Mountains behind.

Limestone Slabs on Mount Raymond,
behind is Broads Fork Twin Peaks.

Bumble Bee

Special Thanks to Jared, Rick and Lorin


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