Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy : 11068'
Sugarloaf : 11,051'

Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah

Snowbird Ski Resort
Little Cottonwood Canyon

We parked one car at Albion Basin and another at Snowbird. We rode the tram up to the top of Hidden Peak. The tram driver was a impatient lady who made it clear that the last tram was going down at 8:30 whether or not you were on it. She seemed to despise the clueless tourists who screamed and sighed as the tram moved and stopped. As she told us about how the tram was going to go down with or without you, she seem to fantasize about watching these same tourists missing the last tram and having to walk down the 2-3 hour descent in the dark. But only as she engages the tram down the mountain, waving sarcastically, and cackling at the poor souls.

After we left the tram on Hidden Peak, we then traversed Alpine Ridge up to Mount Baldy. The hike up to Mount Baldy from Hidden Peak was easy. On top of Mount Baldy there is a weather metering antennae.

From Mount Baldy we proceeded east down the rugged, wildflower covered, east side of Mount Baldy.

On the way down Mount Baldy (The most challenging part of the hike, loose rocks, steep), We met a family with 3 kids, who were doing the same route but in the opposite direction. The father of the family playfully told his children that we (My friends and I) were going in the wrong direction. The man's wife wasn't in a good mood, and they still had at least an hour and a half to make it back to Tram Lady. It was about 7:30.

As we watched the family summit Mount Baldy, you could see the silhouette of the father running like a bat out of hell down it's west ridge, to try to stall the tram. I bet for Tram Lady it was like Christmas, as she cackled into the cold night air. He should have went in the wrong direction like we did.

From there, we continued on up to the Sugarloaf. It was cold on top, I didn't bring any extra clothes. From there we hiked down the steep switchbacks to Cecret Lake in Albion Basin. We sat at Cecret Lake for about a half hour in the dark listening to Dallas play his Indian flute in the dark. The sound seemed to visually echo and reverberate throughout the giant alpine cliff walls. I wonder if the family could hear it as they began their epic hike down in the dark.

August 11, 2008

Bumble bees and Thistle.
From the ridge between Hidden Peak and Mount Baldy looking south.
Behind is Mill Canyon Peak, Provo Peak and Cascade Peak.

Getting his pollinatin' on.

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers.
Looking north toward Mount Baldy.

Looking north up the ridge to Mount Baldy.

Looking southwest down the ridge to Hidden Peak (Tram on top)
Behind the tram is American Fork Twin Peaks.

Looking northeast over the Wasatch toward the Uinta Mountains.

The Snowbird Tram. It was $12.00 to ride it up (We didn't ride it down).

The top of the tram station on Hidden Peak 11,000'.
Behind is the tallest mountain in Salt Lake County: American Fork Twin Peaks.

Looking south toward Unnamed, Provo Peak, Cascade Peak.

Looking south toward Mill Canyon Peak.

The summit of Mount Baldy. A weather metering station.
Looking north, you can see Mount Raymond on the left.

Looking northwest down Little Cottonwood Canyon toward the Salt Lake Valley.
Twin Peaks, Sunrise Peak, and Dromedary sit at the head of Cottonwood Ridge.
In the far distance is the Oquirrh Mountains.

Looking toward American Fork Twin Peaks from the summit of Mount Baldy.

Looking north toward Scott Hill, AKA Mickey Mouse Hill.
There is a microwave reflector in the foreground, used for cell phones and radio.

Looking west down Alpine Ridge toward The Pfeifferhorn, and the Sub-Pfeiff.

From the top of Mount Baldy looking north.
Honeycomb Cliffs, Mount Wolverine, Mount Tuscarora, Clayton Peak.

From near the summit of Mount Baldy looking north.
Mount Superior, Mount Raymond, Kessler Peak, Gobblers Knob,
and the Reed and Benson Ridge.

From the eastern side of Mount Baldy looking over some pristine wildflower patches.
Mill Canyon Peak sits in the background, with Provo Peak in the distance on the right.

Light blue daisies.

We continued from here to the Sugarloaf.

Thanks to Jason, Dallas, and Mike


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