Mount Ellen
Henry Mountains

Mount Ellen 11,522'
South of Hanksville, Southern Utah

Mount Ellen is the highest point on the Henry Mountains, which are located south of Hanksville Utah. It is also the highest point in Garfield County.

The trail starts in Bull Creek Pass, and travels north over lichen and moss covered shards of granite. The trail is two miles to the actual summit 11,522, but we went another mile to Mount Ellen Peak, which is 16 feet lower but offers much more dramatic views.

It was swarming with grasshoppers. Every step we took set off a chain reaction of jumping grasshoppers.
They jumped in whatever direction they were facing, One jumped into my closed hand. I started swinging my thin walking stick and you'll be glad to know that I was successful swatting dozens of them into next week.

Saturday - Sunday, September 1 - 2, 2001

From the west side of Mount Ellen looking north towards the high point.

From the trailhead at Bull Creek Pass looking north.

Someone had a lot of time on their hands.
Looking east from Mount Ellen's Summit over a rock shelter
toward Canyonlands National Park.

Looking north to Mount Ellen Peak 11,506'
A mile north of Mount Ellen's highpoint

Coming back from the peak looking south at
South Ellen Peak and Mount Pennell.

Special Thanks to Brandon and Jared


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