Mount Millicent

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Big Cottonwood Canyon - Brighton Ski Resort

With Views of:

Brighton Ski Resort
Mount Wolverine
Mount Tuscarora
Sunset Peak
Pioneer Peak
Clayton Peak
Mount Superior

Kessler Peak
Lake Mary
Lake Martha
Lake Catherine
Twin Lakes Reservoir
Silver Lake
The Uinta Mountains

Start at the Silver Lake Trail in Brighton Ski Resort, continue north around the trail, over a bridge and onto a clearly marked fork in the trail. Take the left trail, the one that says Twin Lakes. Once you get close to Twin Lakes you will see a bolder covered peak to the southeast. Follow the obvious trail until you get to the top of the ski lift. From there start scrambling up the boulder piles

Monday, June 24, 2002

Looking up the bouldery scramble to the summit of Mount Millicent.
This is good practice to get an idea of what it is like to climb the punishing
boulder taluses of Lone Peak, Broads Fork Twin Peaks and Kings Peak.
The only difference is the fact it is only about 1/4 the distance
and when you begin this talus you aren't already burned out.

From along the beginning of the trail looking east over Silver Lake
toward Guardsmans Pass and Peak 10,420.

Coming up on Wolverine Cirque to the south.

From the summit of Mount Millicent looking south toward Mount Wolverine.

Mount Tuscarora, which sits just east of Mount Wolverine

Looking east toward Clayton Peak or "Mount Majestic"

Peak 10,420 and Clayton Peak.
In the far distance you can see the massive Uninta Mountains.

A telephoto of the Uinta Mountains.
They look so small and insignificant from here.
Kletting Peak, Hayden Peak, Ostler Peak, Agassiz Peak,
Long Peak, Notch Mountain, Mount Watson, Reids Peak, and Bald Mountain.

Mount Superior and Monte Cristo to the west

The dragon-spine peaks of Kessler Peak to the northwest.

Lake Mary (Formerly two lakes Pheobe and Mary)

Further up from Lake Mary is Lake Martha

Further up from Lake Martha is Lake Catherine, which sits below Sunset Peak.
Sunset Peak is the Convergence Point for 4 Canyons:
Big Cottonwood, LittleCottonwood, American Fork, Snake Creek.

Hikers on top of Sunset Peak

"No one can see us up here"

Pioneer Peak and Sunset Peak

Pioneer Peak

I call this Mickey Mouse Hill because of the well positioned mine dumps below.

A huge mine dump below Mount Wolverine

Looking north over the rest of the Wasatch

Looking west over Twin Lakes Reservoir

Brighton Ski Resort

Thanks to Gloria


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