Mount Nebo

From Nebo Loop Road

Hike to North Summit - 11,928'
Middle Summit - 11,824'
South Summit - 11,877'

The Highest peak in the Wasatch

To get to Mount Nebo from Salt Lake City:
Take I-15 south to EXIT 254 Payson. Follow the road signs leading to Nebo Loop Road, I think it's Peteeteneet Road. Follow this road up into the canyon, past the Payson Lakes, until you get to the Nebo Bench Trailhead. If you get to the Nebo Overlook you've gone just a bit too far.

Follow this trail as it meanders through the wilderness, it is mainly downhill and away from the direction to Nebo until it reaches a stream, it then cuts upward and back toward Nebo. From here it is a relaxing stroll through meadows and wildflowers.

Once we got to the base of Nebo we followed another trail that cuts up what I thought was Wolf Pass, the gully that separates Mount Nebo North Summit from North Peak (which is north of the four Nebo Peaks). We followed the trail until it started around a bend directly below the North Summit, but turned back because it looked like it started going down. We went straight up this summit pass, Jared went up a steeper drainage from much lower. From here the torture began, but it was very beautiful wilderness, the smell of wild spearmint was intoxicating.
We stopped to rest just below North Peak at a place filled with ancient seabed fossils. From here it is a clear trail to the summit.


Sunday, July 29, 2001

Looking south to Mount Nebo North Summit 11,928'.

From the Nebo Overlook looking southeast at
Mount Nebo North Summit and the fourth peak in the Nebo family.

Nebo North Summit and North Peak,
The trail cuts straight across this bench through the meadows.
I think you can cut up North peak and gain the saddle below the minor peak north of Nebo,
that would be much easier than the route we took.

We went one gully south of Wolf Pass looking up toward North Peak.

From Summit Pass looking toward the North Summit of Nebo

Looking east down Wolf Pass toward the Book Cliffs,
the West Tavaputs Plateau and Nick slowly creepin' up the Summit Pass.

Nick frolicking through the perfume drenched mountain air.

Denyse and Jen inching their way up.
Below in the gravel, you can see a trail that goes around the ridge.

From the top of North Peak looking down Sumit Pass.
A few years ago, I found an old analog wide angle lens in Zion,
I used it for the first time to take this picture.
I held it in front of my digital camera lens while in wide angle mode.

Looking north at Denyse, Jen and Nick on the top of the Fourth Peak,
(the peak just north of the tallest point in the Wasatch).

Looking back from the trail to the Mount Nebo North summit.

The Fourth Peak from the trail to Nebo North Summit

Mount Nebo North Summit -11,928'

The trail of crunchy limestone shingles.

Splintered organic strata

Jared, just after reaching the summit looking south to the Middle Peak
and the Mount Nebo South Peak, which was believed to be the higher of the three for many years,
and is still considered the high point on many maps and guide books (it's 51 feet lower).

Mount Nebo Panorama

Looking west, down into Bear Canyon and Pole Canyon
from the summit toward the farmlands in Mona.

Looking south toward Mount Nebo South Summit and the San Pitch Mountains.
On either side of the San Pitch Mountains are reservoirs,
Yubba Lake (Sevier Bridge Reservoir) on the right, and Gunnison Reservoir on the left.
Andrew's Ridge, another route to the South Summit is visible below (highlighted by the sun).

From the summit looking north to Bald Mountain.
In the distance is Lone Peak, the Alpine Ridge, and Mount Timpanogos.

Nature Boy

Mount Nebo North Summit from the south.

Looking north at the North Summit, Nick is across the ridge.

From the North Summit looking south to Mount Nebo Middle Summit,
Mount Nebo South Summit.

Nick in front of Bald Mountain with Alpine Ridge in the far distance.

Looking north to Nick on top of Mount Nebo North Summit.

Ancient seafloor erected over 12,000 feet above where it was originally deposited.

This is the peak north of Nebo's Summit. The trail goes down this ridge.
There is a clear trail that continues up another ridge to the north.
The pass below is Wolf Pass.

I hiked up the trail south of North Peak (Wolf Pass) a bit to see the sunset.

Looking back toward Denyse waiting at Wolf Pass looking toward Mahogany Hill.

Looking west toward Mona Reservoir and the Tintic Mountains.
The Stansbury Mountain Range is visible on the far right in the back,
with Deseret Peak being the high point at 11,031'.

A closer view of the Stansburys and Deseret Peak.

See a rotational panorama from the summit of Mount Nebo North 11,928':
Mount Nebo Panorama

Special Thanks to Jared, Denyse, Nick and Jen


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