Mount Nebo Views Sunset

Nephi Utah

Mount Nebo
West Mountain and Utah Lake.

Dry Mountain
Bald Mountain 10,913'
North Peak 11,174'


July 8, 2008

Looking east from I-15 toward Mount Nebo.
Nebo Fourth Peak (sub-peak), Nebo North 11,928' Nebo Middle 11,824', and Nebo South 11,928'

Fourth Peak and Mount Nebo North Summit.

The summit of the highest point on Nebo, which is the highest point in the Wasatch.

Mount Nebo North Summit at dusk.

Looking north toward Mount Nebo

Timber covered slopes on the southern end of Mount Nebo.

Mount Nebo South Peak

Looking east over Mona Reservoir, and Long Ridge toward the East Tintic Mountains.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Looking northwest over Mona Reservoir, Warms Springs Mountain, Long Ridge.
Background row of Mountains:
Small Group of Peaks on the right: Mammoth Peak, Sioux Peak and Godiva Mountain.
Prominant Peak right of center: Packard Peak 7828
Small peaks to the right of Packard: Lime Peak 6986
Highpoint right of center: Pinyon Peak 7720.

Mount Nebo
North, Middle, South.

Looking north down the Wasatch.
Lone Peak and Alpine Ridge, Mount Timpangos, Cascade Peak, Provo Peak.

Tuesday December 30 2008

Hair-like trees growing over the snowy hills below Mount Nebo.

From the town of Scipio, looking north toward Mount Nebo, the tallest in the Wasatch.


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Mount Nebo and Santaquin Peak from I-15

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Mount Nebo Summit



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