Mount Nebo Views Wasatch

Nephi - Provo - Orem - Alpine - Salt Lake City, Utah

Pictures of Mount Nebo at the southern tip of the Wasatch. These images were taken over a long period of time from many different angles.


Assembled Jan 6, 2004

From a 6 passenger plane:
The west face of Mount Nebo's 4 peaks, the 2nd is clearly the highest.

Looking southwest toward the east face of Mount Nebo 11,928' from Highway 6.

Mt. Nebo from the south.

Mount Nebo from the south on I-15. The end (or beginning) of the Wasatch.
No Peaks are visible.

Mount Nebo from the south.
No Peaks are visible.

Mt. Nebo from the south. The peak visible is the south peak.

Three of Mount Nebo's peaks are visible on the right.

Mt. Nebo from the west (1-15).

Canyons below Mount Nebo. Nebo's north peak (tallest) is visible on the far right.

From the summit of Lone Peak looking south, over the Question Mark Wall,
toward Santaquin Peak and Mount Nebo.

From the summit of Provo Peak looking south.
Foreground ridge: Corral Peak
Background left to right: Spanish Fork Peak, Santaquin Peak, and
Mount Nebo, the most southern peak of the Wasatch.

From Provo Peak: Mount Nebo and Bald Mountain
Nebo is the tallest mountain in the Wasatch.

From Mount Timpanogos:
Cascade Peak, Provo Peak, Santaquinn and Mount Nebo.

From a commercial airliner: Nebo in the distance, Central Wasatch in the foreground.
It's kind of hard to distinguish all the ridges and peaks.
Closest ridge left to right : Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond, Wildcat Ridge.
Second Ridge: Monte Cristo, Alpine Ridge, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks.
Third ridge: White Baldy, Pfiefferhorn, Thunder Mountain and Lone Peak (Alpine Ridge.
Behind that you can see the end of Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak and all the way to Nebo.

From a 6 passenger plane:
Mount Nebo 11,928', the highest point in the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Mount Nebo
West Mountain and Utah Lake.
You are looking at: Dry Mountain, Bald Mountain 10,913', North Peak 11,174',
Nebo Fourth Peak (sub-peak), Nebo North 11,928' Nebo Middle 11,824', and Nebo South 11,928'
which was believed to be the highest for decades.

More Views of Mount Nebo:
Mount Nebo and Santaquin Peak from I-15

A hike to the Summit:
Mount Nebo Summit


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