Mount Olympus Summit

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Mount Olympus Summit 9,026'

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Mount Olympus Peak,
in the distance you and see Sundial Cirque with Superior and Monte Cristo.

How many of these places can you identify on the picture above?
Mineral Fork, Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, Sundial Peak, Mill B South Fork,
Cottonwood Ridge, Broads Fork, Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, Twin Peaks,
Stairs Gulch, Storm Mountain, The Pfeifferhorn, Thunder Mountain.

Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, The Cottonwood Ridge,
Sundial Peak (Bottom middle)
From Lake Blanche the face of this ridge looks like a free-standing pyramid.

Looking south to the summits of Broads Fork Twin Peaks.

The Pfeifferhorn

Thunder Mountain - North and South Peaks

Lone Peak - a good portion of the final boulder challenge is visible here.
For a close up view, check out the Lone Peak page.

Wildcat Ridge
Triangle Peak is visible in the foreground on the right.
The Neffs Canyon Meadow is visible on the far left.
Millvue Peak on Millcreek Ridge is visible on the far left background.
The peak on the left middle of the picture is Thaynes Peak.

Looking north, down to the summit of Grandeur Peak - 8,300'
726 feet below us.

Looking west down Geurt's Ridge - a 5.5 mountaineering scramble
This Ridge is probably the most notable component of Mount Olympus
when viewed from 2-15 going eastbound from Midvale-Sandy.

Looking north toward Mount Olympus North Peak

Looking south toward the point of the mountain, one of the best spots in America for paraglyding.
The strata-like line cutting through it's entirety is an ancient shoreline from Lake Bonneville.

The University of Utah. Avenues Twin Peaks are visible in the top right.
The "H" on the rock that you see from Foothill Blvd. is visible in the bottom middle.

The Northern Wasatch. In the foreground is the jagged North Peak of Olympus.
The pointy rock is about 6 feet high.
In the distance, is Willard Peak 9,764' Ben Lomond 9,712,' and Chilly Peak 8,600'.
To the right is Mount Francis with its Communication Station.

Looking south over Storm Mountain and the Hounds Tooth
to Alpine Ridge with Lone Peak at the helm.

Antelope Island from the summit of Mount Olympus

Beyond Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake to the Lakeside Mountains

Marshlands in front of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.
Behind sit the Lakeside Mountians

Salt Lake City Wednesday Night
Pilot Peak is visible in the far distance.

The Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

In the foreground is the Kennecott Smelter, The Great Salt Lake, Stansbury Island,
The Lakeside Mountains, just behind sit the Grassy Mountains,
and in the far distance are the Silver Island Mountains, which sit behind the Bonneville Salt Flats.
At the southern base of these mountains is Wendover (A.K.A. Bendover)
Campbell Peak is the high point of Silver Island at 7,300'
and behind the Silver Island Mountains sits the tallest peak in this picture,
Pilot Peak 10,716' in Nevada.

Looking west at a fire behind Stansbury Island.
See the small peak in the front on the left?
It's the only peak that you can climb on Stansbury Island .
The owners are too selfish to let anyone else on the rest of the island.

Looking west toward Kessler Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains
from near the summit of Mount Olympus.

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