Mount Olympus

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah
Mount Olympus Peak - 9,026

Most of the pictures of Salt Lake City with mountains in the background use Mount Olympus as the Backdrop. It's magnificent twin quatzite ridges dramaticly folded 90 degrees from where they once formed, make it a commanding icon from the Salt Lake Valley.
Mount Olympus is one of the most popular peaks to hike in Salt Lake. I think it is difficult just because of the steep grade and the brutal knee hammering that you get coming down.
Today me and the Pug only made it to the saddle overlooking Heughs Canyon before it got dark, I didn't start until 5:30 pm.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

From near the start of the trail looking south toward Lone Peak

Looking south up the colorful dense trees.

Quartzite outcrop from along the trail.

Looking east up to the Mount Olympus Summit.
From here you can see most of the trail thats left including Blister Hill,
the colorful trees section between the two quartzite ridges.
It looks like it might not be very far from here, but it is, and it gets much steeper.

Blister Hill, last winter we battled up this slippery slope and slid down it when we returned.
Today I found the switchback trail up it. Actually, I couldn't find the steep trail, which is good.

Mount Olympus North and South Peaks,
the light colored quartzite is the South Peak which is the higher of the two.

Mount Olympus Peak.

Slowly getting closer to Mount Olympus Peak.
Reaching the saddle, is like walking on a "Twilight Zone Treadmill",
the faster I hiked, the further away it got.

Mount Olympus, the trail looks forbidding, but it isn't that difficult.
If your sharp, you can map it out.

I stopped on a little ridge south of the saddle.
Looking southeast over Heugh's Canyon toward Alpine Ridge.
Twin Peaks being the highpoint at 11,330'

Dromedary, Sunrise, and Twin Peaks

Looking west toward the Oquirrh Mountains and the Salt Lake Valley.

From the ridge south of Mount Olympus Peak
looking South over Sandy City and the Traverse Mountains at the base of Lone Peak.

From the minor ridge looking northeast at Triangle Peak and the start of Wildcat Ridge.

The Thinking Giant

Special Thanks to: The Pug


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