Mount Olympus North Views

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah

A small snow storm had lightly dusted the mountains, making their features stand out much clearer in 3D. I had been researching routes on the north side of Mount Olympus and decided that now would be the time to take pictures to analyze in the future.

The rocks looked frosted like they had been left in the freezer. It really clarifies the contour of the rocks. If you are looking for routes etc. these pictures might help.

The North Face is rich in history with Harold Goodro and O'Dell Peterson exploring the area in the 1930's.

October 7, 2007

A common view of Mount Olympus from the valley

A close up of the peaks of Mount Olympus; 2 main peaks with 4 sub-peaks.

Another view of all the peaks of Mount Olympus
The West Slabs are visible in the middle of the picture
The Great Chimney is visible on the far left.

Triangle Peak comes into view on the left.
From this angle you can see both of the main summits.

A closer view of the north face of Mount Olympus.

A more direct view.
The route up the North Face Trail is visible starting on the bottom left,
then reaching the base of the Great Chimney on the left of the peak.
From there you cut diagonally upward to the ridge.
From there you would follow the skyline to the Northern Sub-Peak,
then rock climb 5.4 up to the summit of the diamond tipped North Peak.

The Great Chimney and the most northern sub-peak on the North Massif.
The North Face Trail cuts diagonally up to the right.

The West Slabs - 11 pitch 5.5 easy Big Wall.

The Great Chimney - 5.7 Four + pitches

From near Neffs Canyon

The ridge used to climb the North Face Trail (Bottom-center)
Kamp's Ridge Climbs the skyline to the top right (Great Chimney)
Triangle Peak peers from the background.

The West Slabs

The diagonal line cutting from the lower left to the upper right
is part of the North Face Trail

A view of Mount Olympus from the entrance to Neffs Canyon

A view of the norther most peak as the sun sets.
The darker slab on the left is Kamp's Ridge - 5.6 10 Pitches.

Triangle Peak

The northern most peak

Frosted Flakes of quartzite.

The wall east of Mount Olympus

Looking west into the sunset, Stansbury island sits in the Great Salt Lake

Thanks to Heid


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