Mount Olympus

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Mount Olympus Summit: 9,026'

~ 7 miles round trip
4,050 feet of elevation gain.

We started at 5:00 and got to the saddle at sunset.

Tuesday Sep 16, 2007

Pete's Rock on Wasatch Blvd. In the distance is downtown Salt Lake City.
Above is a bunch of strange lingering exhaust from airplanes.

From near the beginning of the trail coming around the corner
to see part of what's ahead of us.

Lot's of colorful autumn leaves appearing.

I was here 6 years ago to the day, taking similar pictures.

Blister Ridge, with the infamous Blister Hill next to it.
In the top left you can see the North and South Summits of Mount Olympus.

Strange rock formations everywhere.

The North and South summits of Mount Olympus.
The South Summit is higher.

Mount Olympus North Summit.

Looking west down Blister Ridge toward the Salt Lake Valley.

Strange Frequency Clouds

Autumn leaves near the start of the enchanted forest section

Molten skys

From the saddle, looking southeast over Heugh's Canyon toward the Twin Peaks Massif.

From the saddle looking south toward Sandy and Draper, with Lone Peak on the left.

Mount Superior, Monte Cristo and two unnamed peaks on Cottonwood Ridge.

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Thanks to Ivan and Pug


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