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Mount Olympus West - Printable Map

Classic South Summit Trail - Tolcat Canyon - Heughs Canyon

Printing the Map

To print the map, right click anywhere on it, and select "Print".
Make sure your printer settings are set to "Landscape" and not "Portrait".

To Zoom in to the map; right click on it and select "Zoom in",
then drag it around with the left mouse button.

Don't use this map as the only source of direction. Do your own research, plan well, and don't blame others if you get yourself into a predicament.
In the mountains, Darwin rules apply.

The Mount Olympus Classic South Summit Trail is accurate as of the date below. Storms, Landslides, Construction ect. can all cause this map to become inaccurate.

June 14, 2008

Mount Olympus - West Map


All dotted lines indicate "routes" or general directions, not trails.
Rock Climbing and Bushwhacking are required to follow these routes.
Some of these routes may require rockclimbing equipment.
All of the dotted line routes require excellent routefinding skills.


If you hike alone, there is a possiblity that you will get hurt, and suffer for days before anyone finds you.
The more overconfident you are, the more danger you are in.

Mount Olympus - North Map

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