Mount Peale

Moab/La Sal, Utah
Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park

Mount Peale: 12,721'
The highest peak in Utah outside of the Uintas.

We attempted to leave Salt Lake on Saturday, and arrive at the base of Mount Peale with enough time to summit and watch the sunset, but we didn't make it in time, so we just found a hotel and spent the night. It was a good thing that we didn't get there in time, because it would have been a nightmare going down these rocks in the dark. Every rock was a precariously balanced teeder-todder, waiting to roll your ankle over, or slide downhill. This clearly costs much more energy, each time a rock slips you tense up and flex your entire leg trying to overcompensate, after a few hours you really start to feel it.
This was a mammoth hike, specificly because of the route we took and the type of rocks we climbed.
We figured out on the way down, that the forested areas were our friends. There was no bushwhacking to speak of inside of the forest, just a beautiful leave covered, padded floor. It gave you that nice "elfy" feeling.

Our Hiking times:
2.5 hours up
1.75 hours down

Sunday, October 19, 2003

The La Sal Pass road. This road was in excellent condition. But it was dusty.
I'm not sure how old these aspen are but judging by the size of them,
they seem to be older than the aspen in the Wasatch.
The entire place was swarming with hunters.

Looking north from the La Sal Pass road up to Mount Peale.
We hiked the shaded ridge on the left going up the middle of Peale.
We went through the trees on its face,
then went just below the sub-peak to the left of Peale.

From the beginning of the rocks looking north up to the summit of Mount Peale.
It looks alot closer than it is.
The first night, we stopped here. I didn't want to be cheese-grated coming down this in the dark.

Looking south to the Abajo Mountains by Monticello, Utah.
Abajo Peak 11,360, Horsehead Peak 11,209, and Twin Peaks 11,016

The next morning we were back on La Sal Pass road going north to Mount Peale.
Mount Tukuhnikivatz 12,489' and Mount Peale 12,721'.

Heres a quick preview of whats in store.
I was worried someone would set off a rockslide the whole time.
From here you can only see about 10% of the hike.

Looking west toward the Henry Mountains
Mount Hillers 10,723', Mount Pennell 11,371, and Mount Ellen 11,522'
The town of Hanksville, which lies just north of the Henrys,
was the stomping grounds of a young Butch Cassidy.

Looking west toward Mount Tukuhnikivatz - 12,489'
behind is Canyonlands National Park.

Looking up after a brutal battle up the hill,
realizing that you are no where near the top, was a bit discouraging.

Above in the middle is Mount Peale.

About 3/4 of the way up looking southeast.
It was a butt-kicker walking up these steep wobbley stones.

Looking northwest toward Mount Tukuhnikivatz 12,489'
behind in the distance is Arches National Park.
From here, the mountain almost looks like sand.

Looking southwest toward South Mountain 11,817', the most southern La Sal.
Below you can see the La Sal Pass Road, Medicine Lake, and La Sal Pass Meadow.

A closer view of Medicine Lake and La Sal Pass Meadow.

From the saddle, looking east up to the summit of Mount Peale.

From the summit of Mount Peale looking west to Mount Tukuhnikivatz and West Tuk.
Behind is Moab and Canyonlands.

Looking north over the rest of the La Sals.
The huge dome in the middle is Mellenthin 12,646' which is the second highest in the La Sals.
The peak in front of Mellenthin is Mount Laurel.

Mount Waas 12,391' (Middle) is the tallest peak in Grand County
Mount Peale 12,721' is the tallest in San Juan County and all of the La Sals.
Manns Peak (Far right) 12,273'.

Looking north from the summit of Mount Peale.
The northern La Sals: Mount Waas, Manns Peak, and Mount Tomasaki.
The big golden ridge on the right is the sub peak northeast of Mount Peale.

Mount Tomasaki 12,230'
Can you see the dirt road in the lower left?
This would probably be the easiest 12,000+ ft. peak to hike in the La Sals.
Just follow up the grassland/forest to the pass on the left of Tomasaki, then go up the west ridge.

From the summit of Mount Peale looking down toward Beaver Lake.
The far left corner of the road is where we started.
I was going to camp there, but it was filled with salivating hunters.

Looking northwest toward Castle Valley
with Castle Rock 6,656' and the Priest and Nuns.
Behind is Dome Plateau, below is the Colorado River.

Looking south over the nearly naked aspen groves.

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