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Moab/La Sal, Utah
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Mount Peale: 12,721'

To Get to the trailhead:
From Moab continue south down Highway 191 to La Sal Junction 46
Turn left at Two Mile Road, follow this road to La Sal Pass road, continue up this road until you reach Beaver Lake. From there you can choose to park or continue to the station or to the pass by Medicine Lake.

The first thing to know about hiking in the La Sals is that most of the forested areas or more specificly the aspen groves are where you want to plan your routes. A trail is really not necessary in the La Sals. Cross country hiking in the aspen involves almost no bushwacking.

Once you get into the difficult rock piles, the easy aspen groves become very attractive.

The second thing to know is that the rocks are mostly plates and bowls of granite, that slide easily and rock back in forth, which makes it much more tiresome to walk on. This is really only relevant when you are cross country hiking over the rocks, as most of the trailed routes over the rocks have weeded out most of the loose rocks.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Looking northwest toward Mount Tukuhnikivatz 12,489'.

To get to Mount Peale:

The road in the picture above turns north, then quickly turns left and goes up a hill,
passes by a small station, then turns north again.
This road is located between Beaver Lake (by La Sal Pass) and Medicine Lakes.

In the picture above, the lower "peak" on the right is how I would climb Tukuhnikivatz.
At the top you follow a ridge all the way to the main ridge to Peale,
then turn left or west to the top of Tukuhnikivatz.

A view from the summit of Mount Peale
You can see the little station at the left end of the meadow.
The road going to the right is the auxillary road that (I think) you can park at the end
to have a better route to Mount Peale.
The bigger road on the left is La Sal Pass Road.

A telephoto of the little station.

Coming down from Mount Peale.
The ground is blanketed by a thick layer of aspen leaves.
This makes for a good cushion on the knees.
Don't follow the rockfields when there is a grove nearby.

A view from the summit of Mount Peale of Beaver Lake
We parked at the Beaver Lake sign and went straight up from there.
This is another route to Mount Peale,
I would say the Beaver Lake route is much steeper then from the station road,
but is probably quite a bit shorter.

A view from the summit looking southeast over the La Sal Pass Road.

When we drove over this road, it was an excellently maintained smooth rollercoaster.
There is one spot where you have to mow through a little stream,
but it was no problem in my little Toyot, just kept driving.
Driving through the giant aspen is worth coming to this area alone.

From the summit zooming in south on Medicine Lake.
There is a third route to Mount Peale from La Sal Pass that starts on the west (right side of the picture).
This is the most common route.

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