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Arches National Park
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Mount Peale: 12,721'

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Looking southeast into Colorado - The San Juan Mountains
Hundereds of these peaks are over 13,000 feet and many above 14,000 feet.
For more information about these places look up Durango, Silverton, and Telluride.

The San Juan Mountains

Straining the zoom lens of my camera toward Moab.
Looking west over the terrain near Moab. Kens Lake is visible on the left.

Looking west from the summit of Mount Peale
Kens Lake (Far left)
Mill Creek is visible through the middle, above that is the Slickrock Bike Trail.
The ridge in the background is the Moab Rim.
The opening in the rim is the Colorado River.

Arches National Park, with the Klondike Bluffs behind.
The rock outcrop in the foreground is the Windows and Garden of Eden section.
In the middle is Yellow Cat Flat.
In the background lie the Book Cliffs.

For some excellent pictures of this area from a plane check out:
These images are unoptimized and take a long time to download.

Looking over Wilson Mesa, where I think they have a missle tracking station,
toward the Big Bend in the Colorado River.
Above is the Windows Arch outcrop in Arches National Park.

In the direction of Canyonlands

The Castle Valley Area, Castle Rock is visible in the bottom right.
In the far distance are the Book Cliffs.

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