Mount Superior

Mount Superior - 11,050'
Monte Cristo - 11,132'

You will need good balance and good route finding skills.
When you get to the Cardiff Pass Saddle, there is a weather station on an unamed peak 10,277, you can go left or right, I would suggest going left, if you go right, there is a lot more exposed scrambling.
When you come down from Superior, stay high along the ridge, there are many drainages that want to lead you into exhausting screes.

You will be in the sun for the entire hike.

Sunday, August 6, 2001

Jared, Garry and Rick on the exposed summit of Monte Cristo.

Monte Cristo, behind is the Pfeifferhorn
If you fell from here, your body would explode.

Rick and Garry hiking around a minor summit to Mount Superior.

Rick and Garry scrambling up the pointed rocks,
below is the Hellgate Cliffs.

Andrea and Dave, Some climbers we met on the top of Mount Superior.

Looking south to American Fork Twin Peaks

Hidden Peak, American Fork Twin Peaks, Red Top (a.k.a Red Stack), Red Baldy, and White Baldy
Below is Snowbird's Gad Valley.

Pfeifferhorn to Lone Peak along Alpine Ridge.

The Pfeifferhorn

Looking southwest to Alpine Ridge
A.F. West Twin, Red Top, Red Baldy, White Baldy and the Pfeifferhorn.

Collins Gulch in Alta Ski Resort, at the head is Mount Baldy.

Looking south from the summit of Monte Cristo
at Nick Jared, Garry and Rick.

Looking south to Monte Cristo

Nick snappin' some shots while Monte Cristo poses.

From the south side of Monte Cristo looking west toward the
Cottonwood Ridge, a mountaineering scramble.

Looking south west over Cottonwood Ridge into Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Looking west down Cottonwood Ridge,
None of these peaks are named.

Further down Cottonwood Ridge, you can see
Sunrise Peak, Dromedary and Twin Peaks.

Sunrise Peak, Twin Peaks and Dromedary (below Twin Peaks)

Looking southeast toward
Devils Castle, Sugarloaf, Mount Baldy, Hidden Peak
with Snowbird's Peruvian Gulch in Snowbird below.

Multiple views of Devils Castle

Sundial Peak overlooking Lake Blanche, Big Cottonwood Canyon,
Mount Olympus and Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.

Sundial Peak and Lake Blanche
in Mill B South Fork.

Looking straight down Monte Cristo into Mill B South Fork,
From here, the enormous boulders look like grains of sand.

Snowbird Ski Resort from the top of Monte Cristo

Superior Peak from Monte Cristo
In the far distance is the Uinta Mountains.

The Quarzite and Granite Slabs that make Mount Superior.
Behind is Albion Basin

Looking north to Kessler Peak, Mount Raymond, Gobblers Knob
and into the northern reaches of the Wasatch.

Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob

The Reed and Benson Ridge

The Reed and Benson Ridge

Rick hiking down the steep exposed shards of rock.

There were mountain goats everywhere

Another family of mountain goats

And another

Mount Baldy, Hidden Peak and American Fork Twin Peaks

Devils Castle and the Sugarloaf

Looking north from the saddle of Cardiff Pass

Looking west back to the Pfeifferhorn and Mount Superior

Looking east to Albion Basin

White Baldy and The Pfeifferhorn

Devils Castle, Sugarloaf and Mount Baldy

Looking north to Mount Raymond and Kessler Peak

Check out this interactive panorama from the summit of Monte Cristo:
Monte Cristo Summit Panorama

See views of Mount Superior from all over the Wasatch
Superior | Cristo views

Alta Ski Resort has a camera on Mount Superior
to check weather conditions from Salt Lake.
Live Picture of Mount Superior

Special Thanks to Jared. Nick, Rick and Garry


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